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Adam Husted

Center for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador

In 2016, our Pastor told the congregation that a family member in our church was in desperate need of a living kidney donor. My wife just looked over at me at that moment and said she felt a calling telling her to help them. They had already lost three of their children, and she wanted to do what she could, so it didn’t happen again. We had become close to the family over the years.

So, she went through the testing process only to find out that she wasn’t a match. Fortunately, John’s Hopkins has a paired donation program, and they asked her if she’d be willing to donate to a complete stranger in the program, which, in turn, would give her original recipient a chance at getting a kidney. We talked about it and decided that she should do it.

Fast forward through all of the testing to February 2018, nearly two years later, and they not only found her match, but her original recipient a match, too. So, on March 1, 2018, she donated her kidney, and a few hours later in the same hospital, our friend received his.

A few months later, we found out that four people received a kidney from her donation. She is doing well, and our friend has a second chance. He is doing very well and loving life.