Blood is life. Without it, life cannot exist, and all the medical advancements and knowledge of the past century would not have been possible. There is no substitute for human blood. Every day brings advances in life-saving techniques – many of which require blood or blood products.

Donating blood is an active way of helping others and society as a whole. Please donate as often as you can – blood supply is a precious gift of life only you can give. For more information and resources on donating blood, visit our Blog.

Become a Member

Membership in the Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program is open to all Pennsylvania Freemasons and women’s Masonic groups. Coverage is for members, their spouses and their children up to age 18. There are no geographic limitations. A donation of one unit of blood provides coverage for your immediate family. More information can be found on the New Member Form.

Members are registered under the name of the eligible member, regardless of who makes the actual blood donation. Wives and minor children are covered under that name, unless the wife registers under an affiliated women’s group. Your membership will be renewed automatically, and membership cards generally are produced annually in mid-March. You don’t need to show your card when you donate blood. Just indicate you are donating for the Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program. Some blood centers keep a record and others do not.

Blood Recipient

If you receive blood and or a blood transfusion, the Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program can reimburse you for certain expenses. Wait until you are out of the hospital and have received your bill and insurance explanation of benefits (EOB). Send your (1) hospital bill, (2) EOB and (3) proof of payment to the program secretary. This address is on your membership card. The program, at the discretion of the board, will assist with reimbursement for remaining out-of-pocket expenses incurred for blood and/or blood product transfusions after insurance. We do not cover processing or administration fees.

Masonic Widows

Widows of all Pennsylvania Freemasons are automatically covered, upon application, without the required one unit of blood. If you know of a Masonic widow who is not a member of this program, please print out the Widow Form and encourage her to join. It is a benefit of her husband’s membership in the Masonic Fraternity.

Hosting a Blood Drive

The Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program also acts as an information resource and encourages and assists Lodges, Masonic ladies’ and youth organizations in sponsoring drives, activities and events for the purpose of collecting blood donations. Please see the Charity Donation Request Form and Resources for other applicable forms.

Any blood drive sponsored by a Pennsylvania Lodge or appendant Masonic organization or Masonic youth group will qualify that organization to designate, for each blood unit collected, a gift of $10 to a Masonic Charity, 501(c)(3) classification, of their choice, if pre-approved by the committee. Use the Charity Donation Request Form to sign up for this program.

Plasma and Platelet Donations

To emphasize the importance of these blood products and encourage donations, the Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program has expanded opportunities for individuals interested in becoming platelet or plasma donors. For each platelet or plasma donation, the program will disburse $10 to an approved Masonic 501(c)(3) charity of the donor’s choice. Platelet donors are permitted to make up to 24 donations per year, and plasma donors are permitted up to 12 units per year. For more information about becoming a Masonic Blood+Organ Donor Program platelet or plasma donor, contact the American Red Cross, MillerKeystone Blood Centers, Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank, Community Blood Bank or Vitalant. Fill out a Charity Donation Request Form for plasma or platelet donation.


Donate Blood Today

We hold blood drives throughout the year.