Board Members

The Board of Directors are appointed by the Right Worshipful Grand Master and are proud to serve our fraternity under his direction.

Bill Soloway
Bill SolowayExecutive Director
Heart Transplant Recipient 2015.
Dave Matheny, P.M.
Dave Matheny, P.M.Chairman West
Larry Derr
Larry DerrRight Worshipful Deputy Grand Master and Liaison to the Grand Master
Tom Gasmire, P.D.D.G.M.
Tom Gasmire, P.D.D.G.M.Secretary
Larry Biloto, D.D.G.M.
Larry Biloto, D.D.G.M.Treasurer
Rick Knox, P.M.
Rick Knox, P.M.Trustee
Tim Radtke, P.M.
Tim Radtke, P.M.Trustee
John Shoop, P.M.
John Shoop, P.M.Trustee Chairman
Jack Wheeler, P.M.
Jack Wheeler, P.M.Trustee

Organ Donor Ambassadors

The Organ Donor Ambassadors each have a personal connection to life saving organ transplantation.

If you would like to communicate with them about their journey, just click on the link below their name.

Bob Baur
Bob BaurGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
I am a proud “donor dad.” My daughter, Kellie, passed away on Jan. 6, 2014. Because of her selflessness as an organ donor, three lives were saved. Our family honors her memory by participating in the Donor Dash every year and also by providing dinners at the Family House through the Home Cook Heroes. I also drive the shuttle taking recipients and their families to and from the hospitals.
Terry Cassatt
Terry CassattCenter for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
Liver Recipient
Mel Cherry
Mel CherryGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
Kidney Recipient

Mel currently serves on the Jefferson – Northeast Philadelphia’s Hospital’s Board of Directors, Advancement Committee and Jefferson – Northeast Philadelphia Hospital’s Business Council and the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Advocacy Committee. He is a Kidney Transplant recipient and hopes to give back his good fortune.

Bruce Edwards
Bruce EdwardsGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
Cornea Recipient, “Donor Dad” (Son Living Donor)
Doug Fink
Doug FinkGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
Kidney Recipient
Ron Flick
Ron FlickCenter for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
Living Donor Kidney
Adam Husted
Adam HustedCenter for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
In 2016, our Pastor told the congregation that a family member in our church was in desperate need of a living kidney donor. My wife just looked over at me at that moment and said she felt a calling telling her to help them. They had already lost three of their children, and she wanted to do what she could, so it didn’t happen again. We had become close to the family over the years.

So, she went through the testing process only to find out that she wasn’t a match. Fortunately, John’s Hopkins has a paired donation program, and they asked her if she’d be willing to donate to a complete stranger in the program, which, in turn, would give her original recipient a chance at getting a kidney. We talked about it and decided that she should do it.

Fast forward through all of the testing to February of 2018, nearly two years later, and they not only found her match, but her original recipient a match, too. So, on March 1, 2018, she donated her kidney, and a few hours later in the same hospital, our friend received his.

A few months later, we found out that four people received a kidney from her donation. She is doing well, and our friend has a second chance. He is doing very well and loving life.

Mark Nolf
Mark NolfCenter for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
Double Lung Recipient
John Rigione
John RigioneGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
In February of 2015, my Stepson passed away of a Brain Aneurysm. He managed to save six people with his generous gift. At 24 years old, he still had a whole life to live but with his beliefs in giving to others, his tragedy became a story of triumph. As a Mason, we strive to make a good man better, and we are bound to give of ourselves without putting ourselves into a bind. I can think of no better way to fore fill this obligation then through Organ Donation. I belong to Portland Lodge 311 in the 50th Masonic district. Please feel free to reach out to me for ways in which we can spread the information about donation. My home program is Gift of Life, due to the area I serve. I welcome the opportunity to come and speak about my experiences as a Donor family, as well as all the good this program can do.
Don Roa, D.D.G.M
Don Roa, D.D.G.MGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
In December of 2010, my brother was placed on the transplant list to receive a new liver. I offered to be his donor. I began the lengthy screening process in January 2011 and was cleared to be his donor in May.

On July 5, 2011, he and I were admitted to Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and the surgeries were performed. Unfortunately, he had developed a hyper-coagulating disorder and got a blood clot in the portion of the liver I donated. Due to being a failed live recipient and being placed on life support, he became Status One on the transplant list. Thanks to the unselfish gift of an unknown donor family, he was re-transplanted with a full human liver a few weeks later.

Due to the equipment I am required to wear, my recovery was a bit longer back to my career in law enforcement, and I returned in September 2011. Thanks to the brave donor family, my gift was not in vain. I have enjoyed my brother watch both of his sons get married, be present at his daughter’s high school and college graduations and hold his three grandchildren. I enjoy a normal, active life, continue my work in law enforcement and currently serve as District Deputy Grand Master of the 14th Masonic District.

Bill Soloway
Bill SolowayGift of Life Donor Program Ambassador
In June of 2015 I received a life saving Heart Transplant. In honor of my donor, I help others who are in need of life saving organ transplants. Through my personal experience and transplant journey, I am able to share resources and help others navigate the transplant process.
Paul Tressler
Paul TresslerCenter for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
I am a retired military veteran. I joined the United States Air Force in 1973, and after 24 years of service, I retired in 1997. A few years earlier, my mother was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and began hemodialysis. In 1976, I decided to try to become a living donor for her. However, I was on active duty and the decision to become a living donor wasn’t mine to make. To my surprise, my request was approved. the Surgeon General deemed the transplant would be considered a “Humanitarian Act in the Line of Duty.”

I remained on active duty for 22 years after the transplant and retired from the Air Force in 1997. My retirement physical revealed my lone kidney was not performing as well as it should be due to high blood pressure and diabetes. My renal function continued to diminish, and in 2021, I was referred to the organ donation transplant center at Allegheny General Hospital.

Shortly after beginning the evaluation process, a very special person came into my life and into the lives of my family. Becky Stout, a young mother of two, came forward and offered to become my living donor. I didn’t know Becky very well. I had met her once two years earlier. On September 12, 2022 Becky gave me “The Gift of Life.” What selfless act of kindness and compassion for someone she really didn’t know. Becky has said many times that “everyone deserves a better life.” She and her family have become cherished additions to my family of seven children, myself and my wife Linda. There aren’t words to express our thanks and gratitude to Becky and her family. I belong to a small group nationally of living donors and a smaller group still of living donors who are also organ recipients.

Jack Wheeler, P.M.
Jack Wheeler, P.M.Center for Organ Recovery and Education Ambassador
I became involved in organ donation when my wife, Carol, received a living kidney donation from her brother, Mike, in 1993. Carol survived for 26 years, until she succumbed to a heart attack in February of 2019. The quality of Carol’s life was excellent with support from her transplant team, initially at the University of Minnesota Hospital where the transplant was performed, right up to her passing, when she had been supported by the excellent staff at the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA.

Since Carrol’s transplant, her older brother and our niece have also had kidney transplants, both from living donors who are life-long friends. We have witnessed the miracle of organ transplantation three times and consider ourselves blessed. There is no greater gift than the gift of life from a friend/living donor. I believe in this miracle and desire to share with the world what a wonderful experience we have had with organ donation, “The Gift of Life.”

District Chairmen

District Blood Chairmen are appointed by the District Deputy Grand Master of the district to oversee Masonic Blood Drives and assist the lodges in their respective districts as required.

District Region Chairman Name
District B Region 1 James J. Diem, P.M.
District C Region 1 Jerry Gallagher
District D Region 1 Efrain Rivera Jr., P.M.
District 1 Region 2 Tom Heisler III
District 2 Region 2 Michael P. McGinnis, P.M.
District 3 Region 2 Jack Duffey, P.M.
District 5 Region 1 Randy Emerson
District 6 Region 1 James Popp
District 7 Region 2 Steven Shimp, P.M.
District 8 Region 1 Douglas Robinson, P.M.
District 9 Region 7 Brian Benner
District 10 Region 7 Jerome J. Phillips, P.M.
District 12 Region 7 Daniel L. Lewis, P.M.
District 13 Region 7 Robert W. Dommes
District 14 Region 7 Charles Knapp, Jr (P.D.D.G.M. Grand Lodge NY)
District 15 Region 7 Loren Stone, P.M.
District 16 Region 6 James E. Smith (Jim)
District 17 Region 6 Larry C. Snyder
District 18 Region 6 Walter J. Sinatra
District 19 Region 3 Mark Laub, P.M.
District 20 Region 3 Wayne P. Weaver, P.M.
District 21 Region 6 Daniel Martin Ring, P.M.
District 22 Region 6 Jeffrey Johnson
District 24 Region 5 William E. Rabbitt, P.M.
District 25 Region 5 Terry L. Barton, P.M.
District 26 Region 5 Howard Glovier, P.M.
District 27 Region 5 Nathan A. Baker, P.M.
District 29 Region 4 Richard D. Knox, P.M.
District 30 Region 4 Joseph M. Ladisic, P.M.
District 31 Region 4 Aaron J. Antimary, P.M.
District 34 Region 3 Richard E. Goodman, P.M.
District 35 Region 7 Matthew Christopher
District 36 Region 1 James T. Wyatt, IV
District 37 Region 5 Bob Robinson, P.M.
District 40 Region 1 Patrick Fota
District 41 Region 3 Calvin W. Nazelrod, P.M.
District 42 Region 2 David C. Hospador, P.M.
District 45 Region 7 Paul Brenner
District 46 Region 6 John E. Shoop, P.M.
District 47 Region 4 Dennis Drevna, P.M.
District 50 Region 7 William J. Wahlsteen, P.M.
District 52 Region 5 Ronald E. Flick
District 53 Region 5 Aaron Paoletta
District 54 Region 4 Mark Richard Wolfe, II, P.M.
District 55 Region 4 Michael Keller
District 58 Region 6 Robert Baessler, P.M.
District 59 Region 7 Fred J. Sickler, P.M.